About Stanley College


In its twelfth year of operation, Stanley College continues to provide high quality service and training to the industry leaders of tomorrow. Stanley College is privately-owned and operated; based in the Perth Metro, offering 29 nationally recognised courses in Business, Management, Hospitality, Aged Care and Early Childhood Education to domestic and international students.

In August 2018, Stanley College has over 1900 students from 42 countries enrolled and 200 experienced team members speaking 18 languages on staff. The College is operating across four campuses in Perth with the campus in West Perth newly opened in July 2018. In addition, the College is a higher education provider, offering bachelor’s degree course (business) on its scope.

Stanley College is set apart from other education and training providers in Western Australia through its ability to adapt and offer new courses of study to meet the needs of differing markets, its commitment to continuous improvement and the passion of its staff to help students learn new skills and become work ready.


Stanley College’s strategic plan is guided by its vision, purpose and value statements:

Stanley College’s vision encompasses growth and evolution that continues to be useful for students’ learning within the contexts of their changing environments, whether these students are young people embarking on careers, or accomplished professionals seeking to further develop their capabilities. To this end, it aims to be:

  • Recognised as an educator of active participants in the global economy;
  • Valued as a contributor to the local economy and communities;
  • Networked with government, business, and community;
  • Aligned with partner institutions of common and related purpose;
  • Chosen by students and educators who understand the power of learning in the transformation of individual lives and economies.

Stanley College sees warrant for further differentiating itself in the tertiary education sector by building on its VET position and becoming a higher education provider. It is working to adapt its student-centric and market-driven business model to focus its resources on developing and delivering offerings oriented towards practice and enterprise.

Thus, Stanley College seeks to:

  • Maintain its successful student-centric business model, delivering student outcomes valued by industry and giving opportunity to students;
  • Build institutional capabilities appropriate to the purpose of furthering VET education.
  • Develop its business systems for efficient, sustainable delivery of a dedicated learning and teaching institution (free of the competing imperatives of larger, public institutions);
  • Offer quality Training with lower tuition fees in comparison to other providers.
  • Use market intelligence from our operations to guide focused recruitment of international and domestic students who seek an education experience to connect them more directly to enterprise and careers.
  • Devote high levels of attention to individual students, with low faculty–student ratios and accessible support staff.
  • Provide purpose-designed facilities that allow diverse intellectual and social interactions.
  • Present an alternative to the larger institutions for domestic students, who value an intimate and personalized education experience.

Stanley College believes that the staff in its organisation should stay as well informed as possible of the College’s values and goals in order to remain united to work towards its purpose.

Stanley College has five main values which include:
  • Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
And three main purposes which are to:
  • Support Growth
  • Advance Knowledge
  • Teach Skills