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Living and Studying in Australia


Perth is the capital of Western Australia, Australia’s largest state. Western Australia covers an area of over 2.5 million square kilometres, approximately 1/3 of the whole country. Perth has 2 million people and is situated on the banks of the Swan River and surrounded by natural parklands and stunning beaches, which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world! With a unique lifestyle, which combines vibrant urban living with a relaxed beach atmosphere, Perth offers international students fantastic cultural and educational experiences!


shutterstock_346054430Western Australia offers a wide range of world class options in education. With some of the best facilities and teaching staff in the world, you will receive a qualification that is sought after by employers and gain strong academic credentials.

By studying at a Government Registered College, not only will you get a good education and a chance to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, you will also gain invaluable industry experience. Stanley College offers nationally accredited courses, so your qualifications will be highly regarded in Australian and international job markets!


shutterstock_478689835_editThere are more than 265 sunny days every year in Perth! The city is famous for its hot summers, mild winters and year round blue skies, a combination that allows for one of the most enviable outdoor and social lifestyles in the world!


shutterstock_395367628Due to its huge deposits of metal ores and coal, Western Australia has continuously experienced high economic growth over the years. Perth residents have some of the highest incomes in Australia, and the city is known for its high standards of living. Western Australia continues to lead the country in terms of economic development, providing more job opportunities than other states in the country.


shutterstock_391058833Perth is abundant with restaurants, so you will find culinary delights from across the globe! This diversity will add significantly to your student experience, allowing you to experience other cultures and international living at a whole new level!


In Perth City, all bus services are free of charge. This allows you to get around the city and adjacent areas at no cost at all! Two of Stanley College campuses are ideally located within 10 minutes from Perth City train and bus stations. Our third campus in Mirrabooka is only a 3 minutes walk from the bus station where there are many bus services to Perth City. As a student of Stanley College, you will receive at least 40% discount on all public transport services throughout Perth. That way, you can make the most of your experience, using the city’s amazing network of modern trains, buses and ferries!


shutterstock_309174257_smallWestern Australia has many natural beauties, such as The Pinnacles, Jewel Cave, Monkey Mia, Esperance Pink Lake and Ningaloo Reef. Perth City is ideally located, 30 minutes away from Western Australia’s oldest wine region, Swan Valley and a 3-hour drive to Margaret River, one of the world’s greatest wine regions. Perth is located only a short flight away from Bali, Indonesia, one of the most popular international destinations in the world. You will also be a few hours away from amazing countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China and Taiwan.


Living ExpensesEstimated Cost (monthly)
Rent (single room)$550
Internet & Mobile$60
Electricity, Water & Gas$60
Total$990* monthly

*Excludes course fees and material fees
Individual living expenses may vary depending on the type of accommodation, personal consumption and lifestyle.
The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs recommends $20,290 as a base figure, to cover one year’s expenses for a single person.


The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement was introduced on 5 November 2011 to help improve the integrity of the student visa program. In order for you to be granted a student visa, you must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that you have a genuine intention to study in Australia temporarily. For information about the GTE requirement, please visit


You must maintain adequate schooling arrangements for your school-age dependents who joined you in Australia for more than 3 months as part of your student visa application. Additional fees may be payable, school costs are approximately $7,800 to $30,000 per year (source: StudyPerth)

For more information on schooling options, please refer to:
Catholic Education Office of Western Australia:
Anglican Schools of Western Australia:
Private Schools Directory:
Association of Independent Schools Western Australia:
For more information, contact Stanley College at

For detailed information on living in Australia, please visit


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I work as a disability support worker at Rocky Bay in Bayswater. I help people their own home. I achieved my certificate III in Individual Support in aged care
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I am very grateful to Stanley College for where I am today. I really appreciate the flexibility and student friendly environment this college offers. The trainers
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Coming from a country that is culturally different, I really enjoyed the straightforward structure and content of the lessons. My instructors are very positive,
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Gizzelene Benedicto, Philippines Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate IV in Aged Care

Stanley College is simply amazing! What I like about Stanley College is that I get to learn a lot in my course and I also get to meet classmates of different nationalities.
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Jia Yee Chai, Malaysia Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)

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I enjoy studying at Stanley College as it has a great learning environment. The trainers and Student Support Officers are very supportive, understanding and helpful.
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After being with Stanley College for almost 2 years, there has been a lot of positive changes in my life. Some of those are getting a qualification in Aged Care
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Alexis Jay Santos, Philippines Certificate III & IV in Aged Care, Diploma of Management

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Raquel Emidio, Brazil Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)

My experience at Stanley College had exceeded my expectations! Stanley College has excellent trainers who are kind, helpful and always there to help me improve my
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Emerson Andrade Pappa, Brazil Diploma of Hospitality (Food & Beverage Pathway)

With the leadership structure provided by the trainers, my practical and theoretical knowledge in Commercial Cookery has increased. My trainers are very helpful
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Ian Ferriche, Brazil Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

While studying at Stanley College, I have made lots of good friends from South Korea and we have built strong relationships with both our classmates and trainers.
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Studying at Stanley College has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. While studying Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, my cooking techniques
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Claudia Pirani, Italy Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

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Stanley College is conveniently located and the timetable suits the daily activities of my life. The trainers are very supportive
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On my first day of class, I was really afraid because I thought my English level was not good. However, as days passed, studying at Stanley College became fun. My
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Jacqueline Broza, Brazil Certificate IV in Spoken & Written English - Further Studies

I started the Aged Care course only knowing a small amount. I had a wonderful trainer and the course was extremely informative, giving me the knowledge to understand
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Georgia Bennetts, Australia Certificate III in Aged Care

I am currently employed at Fraser’s Restaurant and I am very impressed by how well organised and clean the restaurant is! It is the best place I have ever worked
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Francesco Emanuele Gabba, Italy Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

I have been studying English for the past 2 years in Japan and I love it. My Japanese friends, on the other hand, are not interested in learning English and that
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Miho Yamanaka, Japan Certificate II in Spoken and Written English

I had a wonderful experience at Stanley College. I studied Ageing Support and learned how to care for the elderly. I am currently working at Windsor Park Nursing
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I’d like to express my gratitude to the Stanley College staff. I received outstanding help and assistance throughout my studies. I had a very positive and enjoyable
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Manali Triredi, Certificate III in Aged Care

Stanley College have opened up a lot of opportunities for me. This institution instilled a lot of information and supplemented my background in health care. The
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Dovie Madonna Arrocena, Philippines Certificate IV in Aged Care
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